Our Brave Story


We wanted to make Underwear that would Bring Joy to people. Stylish, brave, and comfortable.

Since 2012 our brand has grown so much that we are reaching out to all continents, including United States and Europe. People are in need of stylish, yet affordable underwear. In our main market China, Brave Person Underwear is very well established as the street-wear for the young, beautiful, and brave. We cater mostly to gay men, which makes us unique in China’s ever growing, yet quite conservative underwear market.


We started our international shipping through Alibaba in collaboration with Seemale Underwear (shenzhen) Trading Co., Ltd. and several local retailers. In 2017 we partnered with Closetters LLC who started promoting our products through Closethunk.com. In 2020 Closetters LLC helped us launch our own online store bravepersonunderwear.com.

We do not sell our own products through Amazon.

Yiu Yan Leung, CEO of Brave Person Underwear