Brave Person Underwear Store


First, we wanted to sell men’s underwear for unique, fun, sexy and brave guys. Second, we wanted to cater to those who might be carrying a little (or a lot of) extra down there. Brave Person Underwear design aesthetic has always been just enough fabric and plenty of room, which fits Closetters LLC’s target market perfectly. We source our underwear from 3rd party vendors in China. We operate as an easy to find service to purchase Brave Person-branded products.

Our shop has operated since 2020. In this short period we have managed to grow the visibility and popularity of Brave Person Underwear brand. – shop has grown so much that are reaching out to all continents, including United States and Europe. People are in need of stylish, thoughtfully designed yet affordable underwear. We believe that in China, Brave Person Underwear brand is very well established as the street-wear for the young, beautiful, and brave. -shop caters mostly to gay men, which aligns with Closetters LLC aesthetic and target market.

We have sold Brave Person products since 2017 through various ecommerce sites. In 2017 we established our first shop that started to sell Brave Person Brand among other Chinese brands via In 2020 Closetters LLC saw fit to start a separate brand-store serving only brave person branded products. Thus was born.

We are not affiliated with any shops selling through Amazon or eBay nor do we own the rights to Brave Person trademark. The trademark is owned and opeated by Wang Liangang