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Brave Person Underwear

Home of the Anatomical Bulge Pouch

Our signature Anatomical Bulge Pouch gives the sensation of comfort and great confidence like those who might be ‘packing a little extra meat down there’. Experience the luxury of premium materials at affordable prices. Shipped globally, directly from China, we’re redefining the designer underwear market. Experience affordable yet sexy designer menswear now and start your journey towards visible bulge lines. Join thousands of confident men rocking our underwear. Become a Brave Person, today!


  • Inspiration 25% 25%
  • Staring at the pouch 30% 30%
  • Perspiration 45% 45%

How Brave are you?

We design several brave and daring designs to fit Brave Person’s individual styles.

MEN’S Ultra Soft and Sexy G-String

When it comes to daring designs, Brave Person is a GoGo-boys dream! For those brave boys who want the support of a penis pouch with minimal coverage. We’ve also spotted a fair few of these in OnlyFans. Sometimes less is more!


We created the roomy anatomical bulge pouch underwear for those who need extra space to comfortably fit their big package in skin-hugging and supportive briefs. Big boys don’t always have to wear cotton boxers! This product launched us to the western market!


Brave Person G-strings and thongs are made for the fun and bold. Our Ultra Soft Mesh Fabric hugs your jewels with plenty of stretch and support to keep everything well centered. This fabric paired with a larger pouch can fit almost anything comfortably. 

Men’s Bulge Pouch Swim Briefs

The best Anatomical Bulge Pouch swim briefs under 25$. We’ve made many brave guys proud of their junk on the beach. No need to stuff your front with padding, (budgies?) or socks to compensate for the flattening effects of poor pouch design. When you got it, flaunt it!

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What Do you Feel like Wearing Today?

Top Tip: Cotton tends to be less elastic than modal or mesh. If you have a hard time finding underwear elastic enough to hold your magnificent member comfortably, cotton jockstraps might be too tight for you. Stick to synthetic materials and products with the words anatomical or bulge in the name. That way you know they were designed for you.

#fitfor50 influencer Stuart’s Go-To brands discussed in Brief Talk Podcast. Can You guess his first option? 😉

Have a sit down with our favorite Underwear Influencer and tag ambassador for #fitover50: Stuart! Hear Stuart on the Brief Talk Podcast as he talks about his journey of finding the confidence to pose in tiny briefs with visible bulge lines in Instagram (and staying married, mind you!) He also reveals his top go-to brands at the time of recording. You’ll never guess the first one 😉

Experience Ultra Soft Mesh Fabric

Brave Person Ultra Soft Mesh is the most sensational fabric to wrap around your jewels; breathable and stretchy with just the perfect amount of support.

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